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Post-Printing Equipment
Glue Powder
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TL780 Automatic foil stamping and die-cutting machine
TL-780 Automatic Foil stamping and Die cutting machine is designed for the hot stamping, die cutting, pressing convex and creasing etc. It's suitable for paper, cardboard, plastic film, and so on.
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ZH-1600BFT Folder Gluer
The machine is adopted with strengthened single-side driving system, for steady running and easy maintenance.
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HZH Series Folder Gluer
This machine is used to fold and glue boxes after die-cutting. It is wildly adopted in paper box manufacturing. This machine has the function of automatic feeding, side gluing, folding, delivering, pressing and counting. All the process is finished during the transportation.
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SAFM-800/1100 Fully Automatic Laminator
SAFM serial fully automatic laminator is designed for thermal film lamination. This laminator is composed of feeding unit, laminating unit and paper separation unit and paper collection system.
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QS380B Three-knife Trimmer
This machine is composed by machine frame, transmission, book presser, cam, side cutter, front cutter, book feeder, book arranging device, delivery, electric component etc.
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AFM series Automatic case maker
It adopts automatic feeding system for paper, automatic positioning device for cardboard, there are features of accurate, quick positioning, and beautiful finished products.
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SXZ400 Automatic Thread Sewing Machine
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