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   TL780 Automatic foil stamping and die-cutting machine
TL-780 Automatic Foil stamping and Die cutting machine is designed for the hot stamping, die cutting, pressing convex and creasing etc. It's suitable for paper, cardboard, plastic film, and so on. It can automatically finish the feeding, die cutting, delivery.
The machine is composed of four sections: main motor, hot stamping, auto feeder and electric equipment. The motor's main transmission is by crank shaft structure driving the platen running up and down, plus the pressure adjusting structure, coordinate to finish hot stamping or die cutting job.
The electrical parts are composed of main motor controller, feeder/delivery controller, foil feeder controller and so on. The whole machine is controlled by micro processor.
The machine is equipped with centralized lubrication system.
Main Specification:
Max sheet size
780×560 mm
Min sheet size
280×220 mm
Max feeding pile height
800 mm
Max delivery pile height
160 mm
Max working pressure
110×4 N
Rated power
12 kw
Air pump displacement
Cardboard range
100-2000 gsm
Max mechanical speed
1500 s/h (≤150gsm)
2500 s/h(>150gsm)
Machine weight
4300 kg
Machine noise
Heating plate power
8 kw
Overall dimension (L×W×H)
2700×1820×2020 mm
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