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Printing Equipment
LM-350 Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine
LM-350 machine adopts exact servo control system which can ensure the stabilization when the printing material in the printing process.
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MP-450 Metal Offset Printing Machine
This machine is upgraded product on the basis of local and oversea congeneric products which incorporates the machine, photoelectricity and pneumatic. With advantage of novel structure and advanced technology. This machine can be combined discretionarily to achieve single color, double colors and mulyi-color printing, also can be connect to coating and varnishing machine. MP-450 Metal Offset Printing Machine is the preferred product for iron-plate printing enterprise.
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YH-Q800 series Automatic Flexo Printing, Slotting & Die-cutting Machine(Cutting & creasing, rear-kicking feeding)
Cardboard fflcedon, afr sucker power all controlled at the front feeding edge.Thin cardboard and curving cardboard are available to being feed more steadily.
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ZBS-320/320G Label(logo)Flexo Printing Machine With Three Die-cutting Stations
1. Adopt the ceramic anilox cylinder to transfer the ink. 2. Each printing unit adopts 360°plate-adjustment.
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XH-300 Automatic Multi-color Screen Label Printing Machine
With mechanism, electricity and pneumatics integrated, the machine prints labels, by screen printing process, on different soft tape materials automatically. As the printed labels feature high ink density
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XHR Series Flexo Label Printing Machine
The printing principle of the Flexo Label Printing Machine is to transfer the ink from the high precision anilox roller to plate, then from the plate to the printing materials.
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PZ4740 Sheet-fed Offset Press
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PZ1020 Series Sheet-fed Offset Press
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PZ650 Series Sheet-fed Offset Press
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PZ21020 Sheet-fed Offset Press
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