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   SPB-400 Aluminum Lid Punching & Embossing Machine
This Aluminum Lid Punching and Embossing Machine can convert printed or unprinted aluminum foil or even plastic foil and paper into little sheets, such as yogurt lids, labels, etc, which are used in the packaging, food and beverage industry. It consists of the function of Embossing, Lid Punching, Lids Collecting and Lid Counting with high efficiency.

Max. Material Width
400 mm
Max. Punching Length
400 mm
Max. Unwinder Dia
500 mm
Punching Speed
90-180 times/min
Lids per Each Punch
4-8 pcs
Punching Precision
Total Power
3.5 KW
2500×1000×1400 mm
Total Weight
APP. 1700 Kg

1- It adopts iron channel rack construction, wallboards are steel plate, panel is sheet iron, cover is made from stainless steel .
2- Unwinding roller uses 3" pneumatic shaft, electromagnetic brake controls the tension.
3- Embossing part has 1 set of embossing roller made for buyer’s requirement.
4- Feeding part is controlled by stepper motor
5- Punching part works in deflection horizontal direction and driven by main motor, lids can be collected in pile by lid collector.
6- Waste can be collected by the waste collector which is driven by synchronous motor.
7- Control section adopts touch screen and separate operation box. Setup data includes length, speed, quantity, alarming, emergency stop, photoelectricity tracking, count backwards stop, etc.
8- It adopts transmission shaft, guide roller, and antifriction bearing
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