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   LYRDT-930 Flexo Wire Side-Stitching Line
LYRDT-930 Flexo wire side-stitching line is developed by our company, based on our Flexo Ruling Machine series and absorbed advanced technology from foreign machines.
The working process of exercise book is, releasing the web, double side Flexo printing, sheeting, counting and stratifying, auto covering, wire stitching, folding, back planning, cross cutting, and completing the  finished  product. The line is ideal equipment to use for producing wire side stitching exercise book specially.
The main key parts of this machine are imported from foreign specialist manufacturers, such as the electrical control system used the most advanced Fieldbus Control System and Non-axle servo control system. It can ensure each part of the machine working harmoniously.

1. Reel-release:Max reel diameter:1300mm
    paper core inside diameter: 76mm (3 inch air expanding shaft)
    reel width: 580-930mm
2. Printing:2+2 (2 sides double colors)
    printing-cutting length:300-670mm (change rate 5mm)
    max printing width:930mm
    printing speed:30-250m/min
3. Sheeting: size  250-450mm
4. Counting:5-50sheet/tier
    Max speed: 45 tiers/min
5. Covering: cover paper:55g/m2~300g/m2
6. Stitching: Stitching head 8 heads
    German Hohner 43/6 standard stitching head   max thickness 6mm
7.  Speed: Folding, back planning, and trim front side:  speed and size match the former procedure
8.  Book cutting: 1 cross cut knife+1 spare knife
     5 set knives +2 spare knives
     can be cut into 4 books
9.  Delivery: constant speed comply with main motor
Main Specification:
Printing width
580~930 mm
Printing speed
30-250 m/min
Rotative printing-perimeter
300-670 mm
Sheeting  length
Counting and collecting
6-50 sheets
Max. output (exercise book cutting)
40 times /min
Total Power
30 kw
15000 kg
Overall dimensions (L x W x H)
16000x3500x2200 mm
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