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   LM-350 Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine

1.    This machine adopts shaftless driving system. Thanks to the separate servo motor driving for each printing unit, which ensures synchronous operation of each unit as well as high registration accuracy.

2.    It is adopted segment tension control system while the unwinding tension and the printing tension are controlled in closed-loop system, which guarantees the high precision registration in high speed running.

3.    The cylinder shoulder construction (plate cylinder and blanket cylinder are with shoulders ) can effectively avoid happening ink bar and discoloration.

4.    Short route inking system design (17 rollers) achieves fast inking as well as reducing inking adjustment time and paper waste.

5.    Thanks to the 4 form rollers, which makes smooth and uniform inking.

6.    Optional cooling system for ink fountain tank and ink vibrator roller, aims to meet the demand of waterless offset printing and high-quality printing.

7.    The five-roller alcohol dampening system is easy to maintain perfect water/ink balance; the water transitional roller can be adjusted on/off pressure according to the demand of the product for high-quality printing.

8.    Optional inking remote control and color pre-setting function, help to adjust the color phase of the sample manuscript quickly and accurately. Even in normal printing, operators can preset ink data for the next job, reducing the ink adjustment time and paper waste.

9.    Various choice in standard configuration and optional functions helps to reduce the printing preparation time and improve the effective start-up time of the machine.

Main Specification:
Printing speed
180 rpm
Printing color
6 colors
Max. printing width
340 mm
Max. web width
350 mm
Max. unwinding diameter
700 mm
Max. rewinding diameter
700 mm
Power supply
3phase 380V
Total power
30 kw (without UV power)
9750×1720×1690 mm
12.5 T
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