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   ZX-320 Intermittent Label Offset Printing Machine
1. ZX-320 machine adopts exact servo control system which can ensure the stabilization when the printing material in the printing process. It can free from the printing roller change. The operation of this machine is fast, convenient and simple.
2. Printing unit: adopting high quality and heavy offset printing unit. Assembled with 19pcs of ink rollers, 4pcs of form roller and 4pcs of water rollers (alcohol dampening system), has nice ink working system to avoid streak trouble and ghost image efficiently, largely increase the printing quality. The definition and precision made would never be reached by flexo press.
3. Shaftless transmission system: every printing unit transmitted by an independent servo motor, 15sets of servo motors in total for whole machine (6color) to ensure the exact color registering precision during high speed operation.
4. Position system: The only work is to input the printing length on the main control panel, every unit will be motioned to the right position automatically. Largely saves time and materials when adjusting the color register.
5. Color registering system: the vertical and horizontal motions of every printing unit are all controlled by independent motor (ease the laboring and reduce the waste). By video still system, the machine can regulate vertical & horizontal registering without stopping. It improves the printing quality and increases the producing capacity.
6. Super large printing area: 300×350, the maximum printing length could be reached at 350mm and the running maximum speed is 63m/min. By high-precision photocells, the machine ensures multi-register print on both side, make the possibility of label pattern variety.
7. Every printing unit equips with clutch device to be stopped independently by lifting away when needed. This system extends the machine using life.
8. Multi options: flexo UV varnishing unit (both solid and spot) and rotary die-cutting unit can be the option for this machine.
Only one big magnetic die-cutting cylinder used in this machine, largely saves the tooling cost.
Different die-cutting job can be achieved only by changing the flexible die.
9. Touch LCD screen, faster CPU, 12inch operating display, independent touch screen in each printing unit, powerful human-computer dialogue system, multi-guide inspecting display interface, instant alarm signal, makes operation much easier and more efficient.
10. PS plate intermittent printing adopted, hits the high-level demands whatever high, mid or low capacity printing task, and it is an ideal choice for print firms to produce the high-grade adhesive labels.

Main Specification:
Printing speed
50-180 time/min
Printing color
2-6 colors
Max. printing length
350 mm
Max. web width
320 mm
Max. printing width
300 mm
Max. unwinding diameter
600 mm
Max. rewinding diameter
600 mm
Power supply
3phase 380V
Total power
33.6 kw (without UV power)
8850×1600×1850 mm
9.5 T
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